Innovation & Business Development Manager






- Senior position with commercial impact and potential to grow into “head of position” to joint 5G Innovation Hub where you solve enterprise needs and work at the forefront of the 5G revolution pioneering the digital development of Denmark.

TDC NET contributes to the digitalization of Denmark and aims to deliver the best mobile network and fixed connections. TDC NET focuses on designing, building, and running the digital infrastructure of the future, opening its network for everyone (including Nuuday and its competitors such as Telenor or FastSpeed) so that everyone in Denmark can enjoy access to high-speed connections. TDC NET wants to be the preferred partner for delivering highly qualified technical support to all customers. It is the aspiration to modernize and prepare TDC NET to strengthen as a carrier-grade operator by minimizing the risk of outages and thereby increasing customer satisfaction and improving the customer experience.


TDC NET became a reality, when TDC was taken over by a Consortium (ATP, PFA, PKA and Macquarie) in May 2018 with the ambition to split the integrated telco into two independent companies, i.e. an infrastructure focused company, TDC NET and an end-user content focused company, Nuuday. The long term focus of the owners is TDC NET, where the majority of the combined value creation will happen by focusing on high investment into long-term stable infrastructure assets.


TDC NET is operating as an independent company with its own purpose, strategy, leadership team, and plans for the years to come. TDC NET employs approximately 2.500 employees, and revenues amounting to 7 billion DKK revenue, 55+% EBITDA margin and investments exceeding 30+ billion DKK in the coming 10 years. Building up this new company offers a unique opportunity to be part of one of the most interesting journeys and transformations in the telco industry. Read more on TDCGroup.com

Organization & team

TDC NET and Ericsson have formed a strong partnership, built on providing the best network and being first with nation-wide 5G. As a part of this, the 5G Innovation Hub works together with the ecosystem to deploy new cellular solutions that solve enterprise needs and can be scaled in Denmark, also making the partnership stand out well beyond Scandinavia – through collaborations like those with Grundfos, TV" and NNIT . “When joining the team, you jump on a fast-moving train focused on ensuring that the Danish ecosystem captures new digitalization opportunities by leveraging the power of cellular solutions like 5G” says Ellinor Jepsson, Head of the 5G Innovation Hub.

As Innovation & Business Development Manager you will be part of the 5G Innovation Hub – a high profiled initiative between TDC NET and Ericsson – and dedicated team of 7 highly skilled people, with strong ambition and drive! The joint team consists of both Ericsson and TDC NET employees, working together as an embedded part of TDC NET’s organization – a truly unique collaboration, even on a global scale. The initiatives and projects are sponsored by TDC NET and Ericsson top executives and has high visibility in both organizations and with C-level exposure.

Reporting line is to Head of 5G Innovation Hub whom reports to Vice President, Technology Strategy & Economics under the CTO. Main stakeholders will be e.g. CTO, CEO for Ericsson in Denmark and customers. Working with cutting edge technology, business models and top management attention, this role will give a deep business understanding and can also be a stepping stone into a leadership position in TDC NET and potentially Head of 5G Innovation Hub.

 Areas of responsibility and success criteria

You will together with a passionate team drive adoption and implementation of new solutions for enterprises ensuring that Denmark leads in 5G. Introducing a new technology only has value if it solves a concrete enterprise need where you will lead development of engagements resulting in new scalable offerings for TDC NET, engaging with the Danish 5G ecosystem and capturing global best practices. You will work in depth with the Danish market and potential business models for enterprises and service providers. Outcome should be new products, services and solutions that increase sales and enhance customers’ business.

The area of responsibility will in close cooperation with the team include tasks such as:

Location of the position is TDC NET’s Headquarter at Teglholmsgade in Copenhagen.

Experience and professional competencies

The ideal candidate has:

Personality related capabilities

TDC NET offers

The compensation and benefits package will besides a fixed salary include company paid pension scheme and an attractive package of employee benefits, insurances, TDC Group products etc. 

Interested in the position?

Focus Recruitment supports TDC NET with the search process. If you find interest in the position, please contact Partner at Focus Recruitment, Steffen Marstrand, sma@focus-recruitment.dk / 5051 9215.

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